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ITEM NAME SG-type Unpainted SG-type Painted
FRONT LIP SPOILER ¥69,000 ¥89,000
SIDE STEP Ver1 ¥69,000 ¥99,000
REAR FLOATING DIFFUSER Ver2 ¥59,000 ¥79,000
RACING BONNET ¥109,000 ¥129,000
TRANK SPOILER ¥59,000 ¥74,000
ROOF END SPOILER ¥49,000 ¥64,000
ITEM NAME HG-type Unpainted HG-type Painted
FRONT LIP SPOILER ¥79,000 ¥99,000
SIDE STEP Ver1 ¥89,000 ¥119,000
REAR FLOATING DIFFUSER Ver2 ¥69,000 ¥89,000
RACING BONNET ¥129,000 ¥149,000
TRANK SPOILER ¥69,000 ¥84,000
ROOF END SPOILER ¥59,000 ¥74,000

・The price with painting listed above is the one with one-tone painting.

・In the case of the two-tone painting as you see on the demonstration cars, the additional cost of 15,000 in Japanese yen will be added.

・Shipping fee is not included.

・ All of the price above does not include the Japanese consumption tax.

・When installing the front spoiler, you need to process the offical bumper.


50 PRIUS BODYKIT(Ver2) 50R-SS concept

・We have achieved the supreme aero parts production the fastest in the field with the latest aero parts production procedure with the date-obtaining with a 3D scanner and cutting the parts with machines!! Our body kit has the characteristics of the high level fitting with data obtaining with the degree of millimeter precision with using the precise 3D scanner and creating the parts with the hyper three dimensional production.

・You can choose the aero material from two kinds: the SG (strong) grade which is 1.5 times stronger than ordinary aero materials and the HG (high) grade which is twice as strong as the SG materials by putting our newly developed cross mat on the SG materials.

・With the racing style and the hyper three dimensional production of the concept of the KUHLHYBRID aero parts, we transform a new Prius to the one with the sporty look. The characteristic is the aerodynamic structure which is impossible to create through the technique of the ordinary aero parts production and ABS materials.

・The front spoiler enhances the sporty look through the aggressive design which we change roughly 40 percent of the official front bumper. Considering the height from the ground, we make the front spoiler as thin as possible with maintaining the high level of the strength. Compared with the official bumper, this model is only lower, within the degree of 15 mm, so you can drive the car with the lower suspension.

・The side step uses the inner-curling design with considering the harmony with the car body and the aerodynamics in addition to the diffuser style which shows its extending look. In order not to disturb the aerodynamics, we polish even the bottom of the diffuser and create the bottom parts with more than 20 square centimeters. Furthermore, in order to install the part easily, we polish even on the bottom of the side step; as a result, this side step is the one with high cost and high strength.

・The rear floating diffuser has the characteristic design, largely leaping backward, and this design changes the rear view of new Prius drastically.

・The racing engine hood is very different from the ordinary rounding engine hood. And this is the exchangeable engine hood with the visual effect of the sporty style. With the design of the engine hood with rising up the portions on the right and left sides of the engine hood, drivers can see the front easily. The surface of the product is polished so well that this is hardly seen as the FRP engine hood. Also, this engine hood is long lasting and strong with using the FRP materials which are twice as thick as the FRP materials of the SG grade’s.